The Silver Lining Search

        There’s no doubt this is an unprecedented time in history; one many of us have never experienced before, and are not likely to experience again. Even with modern medicine, technology, and some of the most advanced medical equipment the planet has ever seen, one undeniable aspect of reality has surfaced with the Covid-19 pandemic—no matter how far we come with technology, nothing can replace the invaluable element of human-to-human contact.

        Our team is finding this particularly true as week five of the “Safer at Home” mandate comes to a close. Kids are home from school, everyone is working remotely, and many normal business proceedings are temporarily on hold as we work together to get through this.

        Real Estate Agents were deemed “essential workers” several weeks ago, and at first I was a bit surprised. When I think of “essential” professions in the time of a pandemic, naturally my mind goes immediately to Health Care workers, First Responders, manufacturers of medical equipment, etc. However, I’ve had more time than usual to reflect lately, and my musings brought me to this thought: although Real Estate agents are not on the front lines medically, we do have a role in all of this. Everyone has been asked to stay home for an indefinite amount of time, for the safety of our communities. As decent human beings, none of us would deny the moral obligation to adhere to this request…but being stuck at home for weeks on-end is not something any of us is used to. Melissa and I have had a chance to evaluate our current space, and see how we can maximize its potential. We have a newfound appreciation for aspects of our property we hadn’t even noticed before. We have also realized how big our kids are getting…the quarters seem tighter than they did pre-Covid, that’s for sure! But we have a roof over our heads, and we feel extremely blessed to have a home to feel safe in.

        All of this to say, I’m becoming a bigger fan of the silver lining as each day passes. It’s tough to sift through the oft-sensationalized news and find nuggets of positivity, but I’m trying to do my part by maintaining a bright outlook. What I do know is I’m grateful for my family, for the fact that we have a home to feel safe in, and that my chosen profession is one that can help others feel safe too. If you want to shoot the breeze for a bit and try to brighten each other’s days, you know where to find me. (Hint: I’ll be at home.)